Fresno, California


Club One Casino offers a wide variety of Asian and American favorites served 24/7.  Whether you’re looking for a quick bite while playing or a full-service experience on our gorgeous patio, our award-winning staff will satisfy your cravings with great food and even better prices.



Pho is a Vietnamese soup that’s made with all the good stuff: broth, noodles, beef (or other protein) and lots of mix-and-match toppings. The best thing about pho is that it’s such a restorative food—the comforting soup is savory and rich, while still feeling clean and refreshing at the same time. But don’t just save it for cold days: Pho can be enjoyed year-round—and any time of day. In Vietnam, pho is a popular breakfast, and for good reason: It’s super satisfying! Come in and enjoy a delicious bowl of Pho!



Asada Nachos

grilled diced chicken or beef, freshly fried tortilla chips, nacho cheese, shredded cheese, Pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream and fried jalapeno


Beef Filet Sliders

(3) grilled petite filets on mini potato bun, provolone, micro greens, roasted bell pepper aioli


Steak & Eggs

10 oz grilled New York steak, two eggs any style, country potatoes, toast


Thai Salad

shrimp, roasted BBQ red pork, crispy chicken, cucumber, tomato, egg, shredded carrot, and red onion on a bed of crispy Iceberg lettuce and cabbage, creamy roasted sesame Thai dressing


Angus Burger & Fries

charbroiled 1/2 lb. blended ground chuck, provolone cheese, tomato, red onion, harvest mix,
house spread on an oil top brioche bun


Breakfast Plate

two eggs any style, country potatoes, two bacon strips or sausage link, toast